Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Well, today was my first Mother's Day. I didn't think that I would actually ever have a son that wouldn't be old enough to wish me a happy Mother' Day, but even though he couldn't say it, he made it memorable. Leo made pancakes for brunch. I also got some pcitures in a nice frame and a digital picture frame which is really nice. Leo and I have been wanting to take Tyler for a hike for awhile now. We weren't sure if today would be that day. It was really windy today. After checking the weather and realizing there was less wind where we were heading, we embarked on our little adventure. We went to George Childs Park first. There was more hiking in here. It was beautiful and not a very difficult hike. Tyler was like a little sponge and took in everything he saw. Leo was surprised how adaptable he was. He wasn't sure if Tyler would be scared of the noise of the waterfalls. It wasn't too loud though. Part of the hiking took you on walkways that were pretty close to the falls, but it never did get as loud as some places we have been. It also didn't phase Tyler. He just stared at them and looked around at the woods that surrounded us. Everyone remarked that he was alert. Many seemed surprised when I said he was four months old. While on the trail, we came upon another family. They had a little girl that was probably between 2-3 three years old. She and her grandmother came over and asked if the little girl could see Tyler. She is fascinated with babies. Leo bent down a little bit and the next thing we knew she took her little hands and put them on Tyler's cheeks and kissed him. Her grandmother yelled at her a little bit. Obviously, you don't want to encourage her doing that, but it was cute. I happen to be taking their picture when she did, and caught it on film. Tyler just took it in stride. When we finished the hike, Leo fed Tyler. Tyler had gotten a little fussy because he was hungry towards the end of the hike. After that we were off to park number two. We went to see Dingmans Falls. This was a smaller walk all on a boardwalk. It was a very nice little walk. I liked that it was handicap accesible and easy to walk for all types of people. I want to go back when the rhodendrens are in bloom as the whole walkway is surrounded by them. We switched Tyler to his regular hat since it was a little more out in the sun over here. We had many people offer to take our pictures, so we have some more family pictures. I even had someone, who recognized that it was my first Mother's Day, actually come back to wish me a happy day. When we got home, Leo made dinner which was also good. Tyler was over-tired as he didn't nap much today. He refused to fall asleep, but finally did crash around 9PM. I must say that today was a very nice day that I enjoyed very much. Just a side note, the pictures in the collage are straight out of the camera. I didn't do any effects on them or adjust them. They all are like the lighting that we had when I took them.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Tyler

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More Birds

Here are some more pictures I took of the birds after I cleaned the sliding glass doors. I am sure they will go missing next week when a certain person comes to visit.
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Three Months Old and Birds

Today, as hard as it is to believe, Tyler turns three months old. Time is already flying by. As far as development goes, two days ago he started pulling him up to a standing position. Yes, you are reading it correctly. It can even be verified by his father. Kid refuses to roll over, but can pull himself up. I personally think he can roll over but doesn't like being on his stomach, so he just keeps from going over. I have seen him come within an inch and then throw himself the other direction to stop himself. He also can sometimes sit up by himself. It doesn't last long, but he can do the motions. Leo got me a deck mount so that we can bring the birds closer to house. It has been fun watching them. Hopefully the bears won't bother it. I don't think they will bother. They have plenty to eat around here. Plus, we haven't had a problem since that one time. They seem to avoid our yard. If anything I think they would raid the deer feeding station because that is easier. We will see what happens.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Cousin Love

Yesterday, we went to my parents house. Tyler got to meet his cousin, Lexie. She was very excited to be seeing him. She met us at the door. The big test was going to be when Nana held Ty, but she did well. Instead of being jealous, she just wanted to help with him. Leo, my dad, and Pap went to the sugar shack to make maple syrup. Lex, Mom, Ty, and I stayed at the house. The funny part of the day was when Tyler and Lexie were lying on a blanket together. Mom and I were working on dinner. I looked into the living room to check on the kids and saw my son covered with the Sunday K-mart flyer. It was on him like a little tent. I asked Lexie why he was wearing the flyer. Her response was she thought he was cold and couldn't find a blanket. The flyer was there and she thought that would keep him warm. I had an extra blanket although he was far from cold. She fed him. The problem ended up being that she was trying to be too helpful. She was constantly poking him and in his face. This led to very little sleep, but I would rather have this problem than her being jealous of him. Tara came up with Kameron and Kenzie. Lex grabbed Kam so that she could introduce him to her baby cousin. She made my dad take pictures, so he could print them out on his printer for her to take home with her. Overall, it was a nice trip home. I am also hoping Leo will post about his trip to the shack. We got to take a quart of the syrup they made, and he learned a lot about the process.
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Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday, while Leo, Adrian, and Stephen were out on the mountain covered with snow, Katie got the chance to play with her little cousin. It was a nice visit. She must have worn Ty out because he slept real well last night. Katie also got to enjoy Mario Kart on the Wii before Stephen got back and annoyed her. She started out a little rough, but overall got the hang of it and did pretty good. This morning here we had some snow. We got about three inches. Now, the sun is out. Tyler enjoyed the Disney channel. He seemed to really like the Information Workers which I take it are the next generation of the Wiggles. We also watched Winnie the Pooh together. He is now napping from his busy morning.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Aunt Christine's Blanket

Here's Tyler relaxing with the blanket Christine made for him. I have the windows opened and decided to cover him. It is 48 degrees outside right now. One thing about this house is that it keeps its heat for a long time. It has only dropped three degrees inside and the windows have been open most of the afternoon. Tyler woke up for a little bit from his nap, but went back to sleep. He has been sleeping much better through the night. He gets up only to eat and then goes back to sleep. He also hasn't been getting up until later morning now. His mother can live with that choice. Tomorrow, Leo is gone on his little work excursion. It is supposed to be sunny and in the forties here, so Tyler and I hopefully can outside for a little time. The deer were here today. There were ten bucks and it now has been confirmed that both the monster boy and the other large ten point made it through hunting season and the winter. They were with the bachelor group today. There were actually ten bucks in total together. In a few weeks, I will start prepping the hill for the food plot. It will take a little work, but I think the effort will be worth it in the end especially if Elizabeth bags a nice buck her first year. I think it is only fair that John bagged a nice one last year that we work on getting the kid hers this year.
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